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Teacher Training in Practical Economic Subjects Bachelor's study

  • Section:
    1.1.2 Teacher training in vocational subjects and practical training
  • Degree of university study:
  • Form of study:
    full time, external
  • Standard length of study:
    3 years/ 4 years external
  • Tuition per semester:
  • The accredited bachelor study program, Teacher Training in Practical Economic Subjects, is oriented on teacher training in the field of practical vocational training of students at secondary vocational schools.

    The graduates of the bachelor study program Teacher Training in Practical Economic Subjects are capable of planning and teaching those practical vocational subjects that are focused on acquisition of skills needed in the professional field of economics. They will be prepared to lead practical vocational training programs in the field of economics at secondary vocational schools, integrate theoretical and practical education, organize administrative and technical activities related to practical training in vocational education, and to organize after school activities in the particular professional field. The graduates are prepared to continue in their studies in a master program and are willing to improve their professional habits by means of further education.