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Teacher Training in Practical Training Bachelor's study

  • Section:
    1.1.2 Teacher Training in Vocational Subjects and Practical Training
  • Degree of university study:
  • Form of study:
  • Standard length of study:
    3 years
  • Tuition per semester:
  • The accredited bachelor program, Teacher Training in Practical Training, is oriented on teacher training especially in the field of practical training of secondary vocational school students.

    The study program provides all the students with knowledge in the fields of pedagogy and psychology by means of groups of subjects corresponding with these scientific fields. From the second year of study, differentiation of the study programs begins; students select among the optional subjects offered within the three study specializations and can gain the necessary profile knowledge and skills from the particular professional field. Therefore, the structure of these vocational subjects is divided into three parts that correspond with the particular professional field. These parts consist of subjects in the following professional fields:

    1. Electrical Engineering
    2. Economics and Administration
    3. Engineering

    Graduates of the bachelor program Teacher Training in Vocational Subjects and Practical Training are prepared to:

    • Draft and teach vocational subjects focused on skill development in their particular vocational field.
    • Lead practical, vocational training programs in a particular field of professional orientation at secondary vocational schools.
    • Integrate theoretical and practical education.
    • Organize administrative and technical activities related to practical training in vocational education.
    • Continue their studies in a master program.
    • Organize after school activities in their chosen professional field.
    • Improve professional habits by means of further education.

    Graduates of the bachelor program in the field of Teacher Training in Vocational Subjects and Practical Training should expect to meet qualification requirements for the following positions:

    • Teacher of professional practical training and other practical (skill-oriented) vocational subjects at secondary vocational schools.
    • Administrative position in practical education for organizing practical education in practical training.
    • Instructor in a particular vocational field for after-school activities with youth.